4 Pcs Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet for Men Women Attract Wealth Money

  • 【Mens Pixiu Bracelet Set】Pixiu is a kind of beast in ancient Chinese myths and legends.People believe it can bring joy and good luck.You can get 4 pcs feng shui black obsidian bracelet with one order, and the Pixiu on each bracelet will bring wealth, good luck and protection to his owner.
  • 【Feng Shui Bead Bracelet】Each bracelet is made of natural obsidian beads, elastic cord beaded, and the size is adjustable.Each obsidian bead is engraved with golden scriptures, which can absorb negative energy and make the anxiety relax and calm down.
  • 【Good Luck Charms Bracelets】The bead size of the golden Pixiu bracelet is 10mm, and the bead size of the black Pixiu bracelet is 12mm. The 10mm bead bracelet is suitable for women and other thinner wrists; the 12mm bead bracelet is suitable for men, women or medium-sized wrists.
  • 【Adjustable Bracelet for Men】In Chinese tradition, there is a custom of decorating "Pixiu". Pixiu has a rich meaning. Just turn the Pixiu face outwards and change the magnetic field, which will bring good luck and make you rich.You can share these good luck bracelets with those you love.