Dead Blow Hammer Set, 2 Piece/16oz(1LB) Pein Hammer, 27oz(1.5LB), Red a& Black, Shockproof Design

  • 2 Piece Hammer Set: Each pack comes with a 16oz (1LB) and 27oz (1.5LB) dead blow ball pein hammer that is shockproof, wear-resistant, and made for long term use while being versatile and easier to use making them ideal for any job
  • No Rebound Or Sparks: The heavy-duty mallet hammer is filled with mini steel shots that add more force to every hammer blow while eliminating rebound and preventing sparks as well as dampening the noise when your strike a surface
  • Made For Daily Use: The dead blow mallet hammer set is made using a durable PVC exterior and a built-in steel core. The hammer head and handle are firmly connected to add another layer of durability and prevent it from bending or deforming even after heavy blows
  • Versatile and Multi-Purpose: Our multifunctional hammers use a double percussion surface design. The hammer head is flat to offer more coverage and precise use to ensure just the right fit for any electrician, carpenter, homeowner, woodworker, mechanist, plumber, etc.
  • Safe And Secure Grip: We designed this impact-absorbing hammer set with ergonomic handles that provide a safe, secure, and comfortable grip. They are non-slip and anti-skid so you can keep hammering away with peace of mind
Make Hammering Simpler & More Convenient With Dead Blow Hammer Set!, we wanted to bring you essential striking tools that would make everyday life simpler. This is why we combine quality materials with a no-rebound design to bring you our shockproof dead blow hammers. The hammer heads are flat and filled with steel shots that dissipate the vibrations on impact to help reduce strain on your hands when hammering along with adding more striking power in each swing while the flat surface offers more precision. Versatile, Durable, & Functional – Suitable For Any Job Or DIY Project From tiling floors to roofing, our dead blow hammers with ergonomic hammer handles have you covered. They are the perfect choice for any DIY projects and on-site jobs making them just right for both casual and professional use. Each hammer set is made using plastic injection molding for a solid connection between the head and handle. We only use durable materials that are resistant to bending or warping to make sure they can handle daily use even in the long run. Features You’ll Love: - Resistant to rust, corrosion, and deforming for long term use - We use quality PVC and steel that offer high temperature resistance - Ergonomically designed handle provides a secure and comfortable grip - Suitable for use on automobiles, construction, wood furniture, flooring, etc. - These hammers are resistant to sparking and suitable on most surfaces - Each pack comes with a 1LB dead blow hammer and 1.5LB dead blow hammer, Sturdy And Comfortable To Use Hammer Set!