Neon Signs Girl Girls Girls Girls Neon Wall Decoration12"x10.6"

  • 【Inspiring Spirits】It's the 2020's. It's time to reclaim the messaging of "GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS" and scream it from the rooftops. We are girls, we contain multitudes, and we bring everything to the table. Say it all and say it with sass wherever you choose to hang this boss sign. Above your desk? In the window of your edgy female-owned business? In a baller bachelorette pad? Wherever you choose to mount this sign, it'll make a statement.
  • 【Real Neon & Glass】Our neon signs are made of high-quality glass tubes and real neon, not LED lights encased in plastic tubing like other brands. This advanced electrode system is energy efficient and long lasting, clocking up to 100,000 hours of use. With low-voltage design and no noise, our glass will not get too hot to the touch nor will it break. Our lights have put themselves to use in millions of family homes as wall decor, room lamps, mood lighting, and night lights.
  • 【Bright & Not Glaring】This neon is hand-crafted, lightweight and durable, safe and environmentally friendly, Bright colors, perfect size at 11.6 x 10.5 inches. It illuminates the entire black room, is easy to see, emits good nighttime illumination, is bright and does not hurt your eyes, adding a beautiful artistic effect. It is easy to install and use, It has been perfectly mounted on a transparent acrylic plate and does not need to be reinstalled.
  • 【Fun Decorative Lights】 These neon signs are lightweight and portable. Our signs' ability to combine decor, lighting, and bold artwork into one creates a unique conversation piece for any space. Perfect for the bedroom, office, bar, cafe, window display, shop, boutique, apartment, or dorm room. Add something more to the atmosphere for special events such as birthdays, proposals, weddings, dinner parties, performances, Halloween festivities, Christmas gatherings, and any holiday or party.
The creation of glass neon signs is a traditional handmade craft requiring masterful techniques used by expert craftsmen and typically requires 2 years of apprentice training. Long Lasting & Energy Efficient Our long lasting neon signs emit bright light at a low voltage and can be lit for up to 100,000 hours. The lifetime of a neon sign is determined by the key manufacturing process of vacuum exhaust. Our quality vacuum exhaust equipment was imported from the USA EGL Gemological Laboratory in 2000 and can no longer be found on the market. In other words, only we have it. Thanks to this equipment, the lifetime of our neon signs remains up to 100,000 hours! Great Decor For Any Space Or Occasion Perfect for birthdays, proposals, weddings, dinner parties, performances, Halloween festivities, Christmas gatherings, and any holiday or party. Give it as the perfect unique gift for your friend, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, or kids. Quiet Ambiance Our neon light emits light without any noise or hum, making it great in any space where you’d prefer quiet ambiance. Perfect as mood lighting in the bedroom or a night light for children’s rooms! Bright Lighting With A Soft Touch Our energy-saving and environmentally friendly neon signs can light up a room without straining the eyes or casting glare. Change the light settings with our convenient remote control to match your mood and preferences.