Panel & Plywood Carrier Tool ,Metal Gripper For Board & Drywall

  • √ 【HEAVY-DUTY HOLDER FOR CARRYING DRYWALL, PLYWOOD, ETC.】 : Fivepears presents one of the most advantage tools for lifting and carrying all kinds of plywood, panels, sheets, and slabs. Use the Fivepears Lift to grip and carry MDO or MDF panels, OSB, melamine, drywall, tabletops, sheet metal, and other sheet goods. The self-adjusting gripper accommodates panel thicknesses of 0 to 1 inch.
  • √ 【GRIP HANDLE FOR ONE-HAND CARRYING】 : This panel/plywood lifter features a durable, impact-resistant ABS handle that makes it easy for a single person to lift and carry full sheets of material with only one hand. The clamp can hold up to two sheets or panels at once, accommodating loads of up to 200 pounds. Get the job done quicker with this convenient sheet and panel mover.
  • √ 【SOLID METAL CONSTRUCTION】: This drywall gripper is built to last, with a heavy-duty solid metal construction. The clamp and the handle arm are machined from aerospace-grade aluminum, while the joint is made from a solid steel bar. The handle itself is made of durable, impact-resistant ABS polymer. This high-quality construction ensures that the tool can hold up to a lifetime of strenuous use.
  • √ 【SELF-ADJUSTING GRIPPER CLAMP】: This piece of equipment by Fivepears has a versatile, yet simple design that allows the clamp to grip onto a variety of different kinds of panels and sheet goods. As soon as you start lifting, the clamp automatically adjusts to the thickness of the panel or sheet. This innovative tool can hold up to two panels or sheets simultaneously.
  • √ 【EASY ON YOUR BACK】: Carrying drywall, plywood, and sheet goods can be very hard on your back. This handy tool takes the strain off your back and allows you to carry heavy materials with a single hand. Rather than bending over to lift materials from the bottom, simply place the clamp over the top edge of the material, then lift. The self-adjusting clamp holds materials tight as you lift.
:There are a lot of times we need to carry heavy things, especially when it comes to carrying with thorns and slippery sheets worker always was accidentally stabbed or scratched, and sometimes the area was too big to carry.Not only that, many workers often suffer from back pain because they often carry large plywood.In order to reduce their suffering, we have created this easy and convenient drywall tools,which allows people to easily lift all kinds of sheet rock by gently placing the clamp on the top of it,which improves efficiency and relieves the pain of the body.What are you still hesitating,don't you wanna have a gripper that can save your energy and use it for long time? using plywood carrier now to save you time and your back. Specification: Meterial:The clamp is made from aerospace grade aluminum, and the grip is made from ABS polymer. Color: Black + Silver Clamp gap: 0"-1" Load rating : up to 200lb Suitable for sheet metal/plastic/plywood/drywall/MOD or MDF panels/melamine/slabs and sheets/table tops Item weight: 5.80 pounds Package: 1 x Panel Carrier